SUV VAN Rubber Floor Mats

$38.00 $36.99


SUV VAN Rubber Floor Mats

$38.00 $36.99

Heavy Duty VAN SUV Rubber Floor Mats – 4 Pieces 3 Rows Full Set- All Weather Trimmable Mat

  • all weather Max duty rubber mats full 4 pieces set
  • Durable ridges for maximum dirt and dust trapping
  • Nibbed heavy backing for non-skid or non-slip properties
  • Constructed with high grade PVC rubber – traps dust, dirt, gravel, water, snow, Mud and more
  • Measurements: front (28″ x 20″) rear (17.5″ x 56″) liner (17.5″ x 56″)

    Cover Included Floor Mats (4)
    Vehicle Service Type CAR, SUV, VAN, PICKUP TRUCKS
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Product Description

Color: Grey Beige Black

About The Product:

tab chloroquine brand name india  ALL WEATHER 4 PIECE RUBBER FLOOR MATS:
Protect your car, truck, or SUV with this premium quality 4 piece all weather rubber floor mats. Your vehicle’s interior is constantly under siege from the elements. Mud, Snow, Water, and Ice are daily tracked into your Car or Truck, wrecking havoc on your floors while slowly damaging and deteriorating your investment. Our unique 4 piece floor mats acts as a shield against these elements protecting your floors while channeling mud and water into easy to clean pockets and ridges.

Our 4 piece floor mats are easily customizable for a huge variety of make and model; cars, trucks, and suvs. The 17.7 inch x 28.35 inch front mats and 17.7 inch x 17.5 inch rear mat have been specifically designed to fit the most popular models on the road. Refer to our size guide above to ensure the perfect fit for you vehicle.

Our all weather mats are made with the highest quality durable rubber, built to last season after season. The weather and stain resistant quality of our mats ensure that they will look new for years to come. Heavy duty ridges and divots help to clear mud and snow from your shoes and boots while keeping it trapped in the mat and clear from your vehicle’s carpeted flooring.

ressources supplémentaires  EASY TO CLEAN AND MAINTAIN:
Our all weather car mats are easy to clean with the simply spray of a hose. The waterproof rubber allows you to simply spray each mat clean of dirt, mud, grit, and grime restoring the mats luster and shine with each wash. Unlike carpeted mats which trap filth and mud deep in their fibers and require harsh chemicals to clean, our all weather floor mats will last and last.

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Weight 22 oz
Dimensions 29.7 x 19.9 x 1.9 in

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